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Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger


Hello everybody! Welcome to Discussing the Brightside. Here, we will discuss how to see the bright side of day-to-day issues everybody deals with.
Here is an introduction to the blog. This introduction will explain a bit about myself and the purpose of the blog.
Who am I?
I am Katie and I am a college-age student studying Psychology in community college. From a very early age, I have always had an interest in people and how they interact with one another. Thus, my favorite thing to study is Social Psychology.
I grew up in a single parent family. My father died when I was five and my mother was the person who raised me. Through my experiences with her, I grew up to have a unique personality. The belief is that only one percent of the population has the same personality type as me.
There are a few key things that my personality is susceptible to when it comes to mental health issues. I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression. Through these issues, I’m learning to let go and relax. I don’t give issues more mental energy than they already consume. I’ve become great at planning things and I have a perfectionist streak. For all the negatives in my life, there are positives.
What is this blog supposed to do?
This is a blog that will do two things. It will help me learn and cope with my upbringing. The blog will also allow me to help others. People who may be experiencing the same things that I’m dealing with will enjoy my writing. It’s my life’s purpose to help people sort through all the yucky stuff life has to throw at us.
When will this blog be updated?
This blog will get updated weekly unless life gets in the way. In which case, I will update everybody and let them know when things get back going.
Where can I access this blog?
You’re already here silly! But, if you need a link to share with your friends, then here it is: http://www.discussingthebrightside.wordpress.com
Why was this blog created?
This is the question we all seek to answer. We all want a why. It’s the most important part of everything to me. Why did I start this blog? I know that it hurts to go through things like anxiety and depression. I know that it hurts even worse to go through these things alone. So I want to be there for people in the best way I know how. I can’t be on call for everybody at the same time. So it’s for the best that I immortalize my personal advice on the internet so that it’s accessible to everyone.
I hope that we have a great time together and we get a chance to help ourselves make our lives better. I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you come back so we can continue to discuss the bright side!
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